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3 Ways to Improve Your Local Search Ranking Today

Much like running a race with a blindfold on, there’s no point investing time and money into training and competing when you can’t see what the competition are doing and what you need to tweak in order to outperform them. This is where Ignite360’s Search Rank Tool Product comes into play — There’s no point doing so much SEO if you are not measuring how you are performing….and getting the results you need.

SMBs need to know how they are pitched against the competition. Without Ignite’s Search Rank Tool Product, they might as well be running the race with their eyes closed…

Here are 3 ways you can improve your business’ local search ranking today.

  • See rankings listed according to keywords of your choice

You can search for rankings by plugging in the words that are associated with your business, to see how they score and feature for the other local businesses in your category. Doesn’t score as highly as your thought? Don’t worry — the Ignite360 Search Tool lets you can track all of the top words or change them as they change in popularity.

2) Monitor the top search engines

Each search engine has its own algorithm and every one of them therefore will have different local search rankings. Ignite’s Search Rank Top lets you measure and track across 4 main components – local, Google, Bing and Yahoo! — so you won’t miss a beat,

3) Keep track of your competition!

You’ve got to know what the local competition are doing in terms of their own search rank — the very nature of rankings is community dependent. That’s why we have Competitor Tracking for you to do just that — monitor their search rankings and monitor their keywords as they change them too!

That’s just for starters. There is so much more you can do to harness the power of Search Rank. Contact us today to find out how much more SEO power you can unleash with Ignite360’s Search Rank Tool.

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