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4 Reasons Why You Should Take Control of Your Online Business Listing

According to Bright Local, a whopping 64% of local customers are finding local services through their internet search engines. In fact, more than 1 trillion searches were made on Google alone in 2017.

Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo employ a technique called local SEO to share information on local businesses via their engines. Local SEO is a very powerful way to get your business information in front of the people looking for it, when they want to see it — 50% of local customers performing these searches have been found to visit the business on the same day!

Here are 4 reasons why it pays to take control of your online business listing!

1) It’s one of the ways to get into the Google 3 Pack

Google’s algorithm is elusive, but one thing we do know for sure is that 93% of search results show what we call the “Google 3 Pack” — these are the top 3 results that Google’s algorithm selects. You can increase your chances of your business featuring in these placements if you master your Google My Business (GMB) feature, populating it with correct information — Ignite’s Business Listing Management tool can help you to enhance your on-page GMB signals!

2) A massive 19% of local pack finder rankings come from Name, Address and Phone number

As simple as it is to have your business’ NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) correctly listed in Google, you can reap significant benefits by doing so. Ignite’s Business Listing Management Tool gives you an easy dashboard from where you can control what information is being fed through into GMB. It’s vital to do so, because if your NAP is inconsistent, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will disregard your business in favour or another that is correct and consistent. Use Ignite Business Listing Management tool to see all of the main directories and ensure your NAP is A ‘OK’ all the way!

3) It’s a powerful way to convert browsing customers into instant sales

Google’s “near me’ search has doubled since 2017, to where currently 68% of local searches are from customers looking for directions to phone numbers for businesses, directly displayed from the GMB ranking. Having this info online, and linked to photos, maps and other details about your business, helps convert customers into sales.

4) Mobile phone users are relying on GMB, so you need to ensure they can find you!

Not only are those customers looking for YOUR BUSINESS via Google, but they are doing it via their smart phones.  70% of mobile users click to call a business directly from Google search results, using their mobile phones. This means that they are on the move and ready to learn about you, call or come find you — with photos, maps, reviews, and contact details, all of which are driven by GMB.

Enable your Ignite Business Listing Management Tool and control what is published and shred about your business, so the customers who want what you have, can find you to get it!

Want to find out more? Contact us for an Ignite trial today!

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