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6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is So Effective

Here are 6 reasons why SMS marketing packs such a heavy punch:

1) We’re on our phones all the time

60% of us own mobile phones and, according to a recent British psychological study, the average young person spends 5 hours a day scrolling away. This amounts to 76 days a year on the phone — think of how many SMS messages could be received and read in that time! If Google’s estimation is accurate — that 82% of consumers using their phones to influence a purchasing decision— this represents a whole lot of information about your products, services and sales that can be delivered literally into the hands of consumers. Send that text with Ignite360’s SMS Marketing Products!

2) It makes your campaign instant

SMS is an instantaneous mode of communication that lends itself so well to flash sale announcements, impromptu discount codes, and daily specials. Given that 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes if being sent, businesses can leverage their communication strategies and utilise Ignite’s SMS Marketing Product for lightning bolt fast actions and reactions, for maximum, instant click through and engagement.

3) It’s direct, quick and to the point

While e-mails require clicks and social media posts require engagement, SMS messages usually aren’t screened into a junk mail folder and arrive directly into the recipients messages. There is no need to login and they usually pop up onto the phone, for instant recognition. Avoid the content overload and ignore rate of other modes of communication, by sending SMS messages that directly get the attention of your intended recipient.

4) It allows you to get creative

You can hone the content and purpose of your SMS messages to suit your desired outcome in a very direct manner that other modes of communication don’t allow. For example, if your business has a high level of appointment no shows, you can use the SMS tool as a way to send reminders to your customers.

5)  It sends surprises that keep your customers happy!

Businesses can embrace the SMS generation by telling customers about special offers, share coupon codes, announce sales, new lines of products or even wish them a Happy Birthday and give them a surprise gift for them to come and collect in store!

6)  It enables you to incorporate SMS messages into your multi-channel campaign

Finally, SMS Marketing is a powerful companion to your entire multi-channel campaign. When used in this way, it helps to amplify other marketing activities too. When the Ignite360 SMS Marketing Product is used along with Social Posts, for example, you can promote sales with e-mails a week before, use social media as reminders the day before and send instant codes and flash information on the day itself for maximum engagement for the sales period!

Want to get on board the SMS Marketing train? We’ll get you there! Contact us today to find out more.

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