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Manage and generate more reviews to control your reputation

Our Review Management Platform helps your business collect reviews from important sites so you can improve customer happiness by reacting and learning from their feedback. Generate more reviews and improve your star rating to boost sales.

Collect reviews from relevant sites and manage them from one central location.

Easily share your positive reviews across your social channels, website and blog.

Acquire more reviews and improve star rating by targeting satisfied customers.

Discover what people are saying about your business. Find mentions for relevant keywords and competitors.

Easily Respond and Share Reviews

Manage reviews by responding to all reviews from all relevant sites. Share the positive reviews across your social channels to improve your social proof.

Generate Authentic Reviews In Minutes Via Text Or Email

Our review generator makes it easy to send Email or SMS review requests to improve review scores, boost SEO rankings, and build credibility. Get in front of bad reviews before they go public and encourage positive reviews to be shared across the sites you care about. Our templates make this fast and easy so you can spend your time improving your business.

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Why does reputation matter?

Customer Reviews are the single most effective piece of marketing that speaks for your company.

Do reviews help SEO?

Absolutely. The more reviews you have, and the higher star rating they are, the higher google will rank you on search results.

Can I stop negative reviews?

You can't always stop them, but you can get in front of many by preemptively asking clients about their experience.

Use filters for finding and organizing reviews

You can filter by action required, star rating, review source, date and more to keep you organized.

Keywords and word cloud

Use the keyword and word cloud section to pick up trends in your customers’ reviews. This can help make decisions on customer service, products or pricing
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Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 9.36.33 PM
  • A positive review from a customer is the ultimate marketing vote of confidence.
  • A link from one website to yours provides value to Google as a trust indicator — if this is verified, it scores highly with Google for your GMB rank.
  • Online reviews are the new WOM. They are a massive indication of popularity, which is a major key to success for SMBs.
  • You can stay on top of what customers are saying about your business, interact with them through replies, and make business adjustments to help encourage future positive experiences and reviews.
  • Likewise, negative reviews can be located, monitored, replied to and managed with minimum damage to your reputation or business activity — never just “floating around” on the internet unbeknownst to you, looming, and negatively impacting sales.
  • Before dining or shopping, 93% of consumers check online reviews at least some of the time.

A user can respond to a review from the platform.

  • Automatically send the review to their social channels and websites via a widget. Driving fresh content and SEO with valuable backlinks.
  • Stream latest and greatest reviews to social and your website to show how genuine customers are satisfied.
  • Share positive reviews as compelling social media content across social platforms.
  • Embed the landing page widget onto a web page or social channel to encourage customers to leave reviews for other potential customers; most recent reviews are shown as a guide.
  • Showcase reviews to drive visibility and search performance.
  • Stay connected to customers and have an accurate barometer of their experience of the business — great for constructive feedback, improvements and commercial decisions.
  • 15% of consumers don’t trust businesses who don’t have reviews.
  • 77% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.
  • 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking every day.
  • Reviews are the second most powerful ranking factor for Google’s local pack
  • 80% of consumers rely on reviews and word of mouth before buying.
  • Consumers are likely to spend 31% more because of positive reviews.
  • 22% of consumers will not buy a product or service after reading just ONE bad review.
  • 4 or more bad reviews can subtract up to 70% of a business’ potential customers.

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