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Word on Screen – 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Online Review Generation It’s official.

Online reviews are the new word of mouth 2.0 for your business.

According to a recent survey, 90% of consumers report that positive online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. BrightLocal even found that 85% of consumers trust and rely on online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

Review sites are destination channels in their own right, and are as often visited by consumers to directly find products, as search engines and GMB pages themselves — rather than to simply read reviews and assess them.

So, it stands to reason that consumer reviews are collectively one of the most powerful and effective pieces of marketing for your company and business.

Read on to learn how you can amp up your online review regeneration organically:

1) Timing is Everything

The best time to ask for a customer to write a review, is when their enthusiasm and satisfaction for your product or service is at its highest. This is usually after accessing your services or buying a product, receiving your product or service, and enjoying the fruits of your product or service! You can use Ignite360’s Online Review Engine to send a review request via a widget, arriving to correspond with a time when you know your customer is ready to sing (and type!) your praises. Also, you can use the QR code “Review Us” button widget for instant feedback — so you never miss the chance to get praise!

2) Don’t be afraid to ask

Asking directly for a review is not forcing a customer into doing it. In fact, many studies demonstrate that by asking for a review, you will likely get better ratings than if you didn’t. It shows you care what your customers think, and also shows that you want everyone to hear what they say — this is appreciated by clientele. So, in asking for your review, be specific and ask for something with a star rating, to be personalized and even refer to the product bought. With Ignite’s E-mail Signature Snippets widget, you can have your specific request ready set up for customers to rate their experience with one click from inside their e-mail client, so they can type freely and at length, not restricted by character limits or auto-fill forms. Simple and to the point!

3) Social buttons galore

Another fantastic way to sync reviews for maximum visibility, is to push reviews to social media channels. This is much better than a reviews page on your own business site, and makes Google much happier too, giving you the added benefit of better GMB performance and added backlinks. Not only can you push great reviews to social media with Ignite, but you can also use the Reviews Funnel to make automated social media content — the widget streams content to websites, also updating blog or social channels with hot new content in one hit. Maximum review return guaranteed!

Want to learn more? Contact us to arrange for a demo to get your business Ignited!

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